I apologize I have been absent for far to long. I have been working 3 jobs more or less for the past two months or so. Not to mention the Misses and I adopted a new puppy into our home. I named her Zelda much to my wife’s dismay. I hope everyone has been enjoying the comic recently. I know I have. Despite being the former writer here and Jeff sending me early copies of his work I decided to just be a fan for awhile to see how it feels and I tell you it feels great. The comic is better now than it has ever been before. I love seeing my creations in such capable hands. Brian and Jeff together have rejuvenated EOTW and so much more for the better. Their passion really shines through.

While I no longer actively work on the comic anymore, I have in my spare time been working on a property related to EOTW. Although a much different spin on the characters you know and love. While I do not have a time table for when this work will be done. I hope to get to the actual writing of it before the end of the year. So something for all of you to look out for.

I know that many of you also know that I am huge fan of Castlevania and while I was not sold on the Lords of Shadow game, I have to say Lords of Shadow 2 looks incredibly epic. I hope this one can live up to its legendary name Check out the trailer below.

Lords of Shadow 2