Or Happy Valentines Day. Whichever you prefer. I’ve spent many years under both banners. This is my second Valentines Day with my Wife and this year instead of getting each other the typical flowers, cards, candy nonsense. We elected to just get each other things we wanted. Emily was out of her favorite perfume so I managed to get her some of it, at a nice discount I might add (no I’m not cheap, but why spend more than you need too), and Emily gave me the go ahead to buy a new video card for my aging PC.

I had been hell bent on putting together a new system all together, but with a RAM upgrade (4gb) and now a new video card, a Diamond AMD Radeon 6670 with 2GB of of gddr3 video memory, I managed to have a fairly decent machine again (I only have a AMD X2 4400+ for the processor). My windows gaming score jumped from a 4.4 to a 6.6. I also scored two free games with the card purchase which were Dirt 3 and Sonic Generations. I’m really excited about Sonic, but I’ve never played a Dirt game before.

I’ve never been much a PC gamer before, sticking mostly to consoles. However recently as my Wii, 360, and PS3 are aging I’ve taken an interest in it, mostly for two reasons which are Skyrim and Batman: Arkham City. Sure both are available on 360 and PS3, but looking at the difference between console and PC versions there, at least in my mind, was no contest. The PC version was clearly superior. Now I also realize that those games were running on ultra settings on rigs designed for gaming. Aside from the graphical improvements were of course the mods people were developing for the games. Macho Man Randy Savage in Skyrim. Hilarious. Play as Robin during the regular campaign in Arkham City. Count me in.

Yes I can feel a shift coming that in the year or two to come I will begin to move away from console gaming and focus on the PC side. Sure I will probably still continue to support consoles, but I no longer have any desire to have three hooked to my television set. Less is starting to be more in my opinion.

So if anyone has recommendations for a PC game let me know. I’ll also love to hear about your gaming builds and suggestions for my own build. In closing I want to wish everyone a fine day, single or not, go out and enjoy yourself.