Last Friday afternoon Emily and I made an excursion so our local Kohls shopping center in search of some pillow cases that Emily was after.  I have little interest in such things so I casually browsed through the men’s clothing department and made way across the store ending up in the kitchen appliance section.  For whatever reason I started looking at some blenders and came across a line of blenders called NINJA.  What the hell?  Ninja blenders?  Awesome.  I began looking through the variety of Ninja blenders and such, deciding to go ahead and check out the many other blending options at my disposal.  Yet I kept coming back to the Ninja blenders.  Not just blenders but a whole line kitchen slicing and dicing awesomeness.  Suddenly the realization that smoothies, alcoholic beverages, salsas, chilies, spreads, salads, etc EVERYTHING was at my every beck and call.  No longer do I need to hit up a Smoothie King for my fix.  I can do everything from the comfort of my own home and whats this all for the low low price of just $179.99.  Certainly Emily would agree I, no, we need this now!  I beckoned my wife over (who found her pillowcase) and excitedly told her the good news.  Ninja Professional Blenders were here to solve our blending woes.  My dear Wife just stared at me and reminded me that one we already owned a blender to which I told her it was garbage and needed to be replaced.  Unphased and determined not to spend $180 on a blender my Wife retorted that I must be getting old if I was getting so excited over a blender.  That is when it sank in.  Me who has cared nothing for anything outside the realm of video games, collectibles, computers, high definition displays, and general nerd tech stuff was ranting and raving over how I needed this blender.  I must be getting old.  I do turn 30 years old this year.  I must be changing with the years.  Still that is okay.  I know exactly what I want for my 30th birthday.  A Ninja Blender.