A few nights ago Emily was gracious enough to get me a Kindle Fire. I have been looking around for tablets for awhile and honestly the Kindle Fire was not might first choice. I was really interested in the Sony tablets as they play original psx games. However, the other night while at Best Buy pricing out some sound bars and looking at new desktops (My desktop has had a faithful 6 years of service, but recently sounds like death.) I came upon the Kindle Fire again. I was standing there enjoying Superman: Earth One when my Wife approached me and asked me I was enjoying it and honestly I was. The device was the perfect size, the screen was amazing with crisp vibrant images. So we struck up a conversation about what I would use it for and honestly I could feel my inner nerd starting to flow out, but the answers I gave surprised even me. I really just wanted something to play little games on such as Angry Birds, enjoy movies and television via Netlfix/Hulu/AmazonPrime, and read books/magazines/comics on. That was it. It dawned on me then that I did not need to spend $400+ on a device when this at $200 did everything I wanted to and more really. So Emily got it for me and what I mean by this is while “we” paid for it she graciously spent her visa gift cards that she received from her work as an extra appreciation toward it. Very generous of her.

I was excited to get home and unbox it and I have to see the packaging was very charming and lent itself to being opened without being destroyed. It also had a 75% charge to it when I turned it on, but I quickly plugged it in and began to tinker find the device easy to use and rather responsive. However, something was nagging me. I did not care for the Fire Launcher. Not a problem. I was able to easily install Go Launcher and basically for all intents and purposes turn the Fire into a $200 Android 2.3 tablet. I could even take it a step further and root it so I could install the Android market on it as well, but at this current time I feel no reason to do so. Best part is I can easily switch back and forth between Fire Mode or Tablet Mode as I have named them.

I was easily able to load my own applications, books, movies, and digital comics onto the device and have them all work without a hitch. Netlfix and Hulu worked like a dream and I even got a month free of Amazon Prime which allows me into there video library, but more importantly lets me borrow books! So I set to work on reading a guide to investigations. I was also able to download many classic books such as Bram Stoker’s Dracula for free.

I can say that I am very happy with it. Although there are somethings that I felt hold the Fire back just a bit and I assume that these were cut out of the product to keep its price down, but the Fire could really have benefited from an SD card slot for expandable memory, 1gb of RAM as opposed to just 512mb, and last a built in microphone. These are certainly not deal breakers, but I feel they could have really elevated the device to another level.
So if you are in the market fora tablet and just want something simple. I highly recommend giving the Kindle Fire a look. It is not without its flaws, but what it offers for the price is incredible.