I have been a loyal Sony and Playstation fan for many years. Today I was billed $30 for a service that I had not only cancelled, but also turned off automatic payments on just to be sure. Not only that, this game is now FREE to play! After filing my grievance I was told I had to wait 7-10 days for a “decision” as if my funds will be returned to me. Hear me Sony. I will sell every piece of Sony/Playstation I have ever owned and will pledge my loyalty to Microsoft and Nintendo. I will buy an LG Blu-Ray player to replace my PS3 Blu-Ray function. I will buy a pc copy of Finaly Fantasy 7 so I can keep playing it. I will never buy a Sony product again. I will even get rid of my Sony Rewards credit card. Do not disappointment me Sony. – An extremely angry gamer.