Hello this is Meyeselph (pronounced as ‘myself’, known in the lower world as Jeffrey Sandlin). I have managed somehow to end up as the newest member of the End of the World team. It’s a unique experience for me because this is both the most trust that has ever been placed in me (thanks much to Brandt and Brian for their encouragement and faith in my ability) and also my first experience writing fiction with an established audience.

This is also my first time working with characters that were created by other people. In being an on again off again comic book fan the one thing that turned me off of comics was a new writer getting a hold of established characters and screwing them up because he doesn’t understand/like them like their fans do. My number one goal (besides telling freaking awesome stories) going forward is basically to avoid that. I do not want any character or fan to suffer under my reign of terror at the writing desk.

I want to help End of The World step up into real relevance but the last thing I want is to abandon what made it have fans in the first place. So I want to make no character irrelevant or unrewarding to have interest in and make the story have focus and a rich storyline while still having it’s off beat sense of humor and it’s uniquely scattershot continuity. There is pretty much no way I can please everyone in this but I will do my best and so far working within this universe has been a blast.
In the interest of understanding what the audience wants as much as possible in order for our fan base to thrive and grow I encourage everyone to follow me on twitter at @Meyeselph ,comment on my blogs to your hearts content, and drop me an email on KnowMeyeselph@gmail.com if you have any opinions or concerns about the direction of the comic. For my first time working for a fan base I would very much like to get to know and understand the fans to do that job better.

I’m not a perfect guy, I’m not a perfect writer, and I’m lucky I got this opportunity. Still I am taking it seriously and looking forward to the time I spend on it as much as anything I have ever done. I have some big ideas coming down the pipe and hope you enjoy them.

Look forward to getting to know you all.