Thursday night I hit up with Transformers 3 with Dan, Chris, John, Steve, and Rob O. It was good, certainly better than the second Transformers. Yet 3 could learn a little something from the phrase “less is more.” At nearly 3 hours long it felt drawn out basking in its own glory of cg and pyrotechnics. Splosions Bay really out did himself in this movie that is for sure. In other news poor little Zoey got bit by something when I took her out early Friday morning and she had bad allergic reaction to it. So Emily and I geared up and took her to Emergency Care in Blue Ash. My first experience in an animal ER. They did an excellent job. Zoey is just fine now, but we noticed today that she suddenly seamed to get big and long. Growing up fast. We took her to play with Brutis and Lola today and she wore herself out. After that I took my nephew Preston swimming here at the community pool and we had a good time. That kid has a mean cannonball. Today Emily’s allergies were really bad. Her eye is all swollen and she has been sleeping since early this afternoon. Well that is about it really. Just a small weekend update. Back to work tomorrow.