I am not really doing so well with keeping up with this blog. I do apologize life has been crazy. If I did not mention it already I am at this point cancer free. So since then I have been keeping busy catching up with all the things I missed out on when I was laid up doing chemotherapy. I also got back into some umpiring which I have really enjoyed. I have three games this week. Anyway let us get up to speed. In the past few weeks a lot has happened. First and foremost I got a puppy. Zoey is a boxer mix and while we are not entirely sure what she is mixed with I myself am leaning toward a hound. Zoey howls just like a hound. Emily thinks that it might be a great dane, but that would make for a large dog and I really don’t want as huge dog. Still she is a sweetie and loves to cuddle up with Emily and me. She also caught on to potty training really fast although we still have a few accidents here and there. She does okay when she has to go in her crate. Overall she is an excellent pup. Besides Zoey coming into our life I just got back from a week in Siesta Key, Florida. It was a pseudo-family vacation/honeymoon/cancer free trip. Emily and I went with her parents who very generously paid for the majority of the trip and most of our expenses. I can not thank them enough for the hospitality and making such a lovely time for Emily and me. We spent a lot of time down on the beach (which was only about 200 yards from our condo). I got to see some dolphins one day as well. When not at the beach Emily and I went shopping and bought some Tervis tumblers: Captain America and Iron Man tumblers hahaha. Emily bought some clothes as well. We saw Green Lantern and Super 8 while down there. Green Lantern had a lot of potential to be an amazing movie, but sadly I think it missed its mark. It just wasn’t a good movie. Super 8 on the other hand was fantastic. On Thursday Emily and I went to Universal Studios and were left with a sour taste in our mouths after we found out that both of us were just too big to ride the new Harry Potter ride. That set the tone for the rest of the day. It was hot and crowded and just miserable. I did get a chance to get my picture taken with Captain America (also bought a Captain America T-shirt), Wolverine, and Cyclops which was cool. Late that night we met up with Amber and Henriette for dinner at the Rainforest Café in downtown Disney. I finally got to meet Dylan, Brenden, and Amber’s little girl Ayla. Fun was had by all. So overall the trip was a huge success and I want to go back next year and maybe parasail, this time we did wave runners (which was awesome). I also discovered an awesome radio station down in Sarasota 105.1 The Point. They did not play a single song that I did not like. Thank goodness for Tune In radio for my android this carries that station so I can continue to listen to it. So you might be asking now that you are home what is next? Well I’m working on it and when I’m ready to begin trust me you will know. Its going to be…Epic.