For those of you who live in the greater Cincinnati area you know we have been pounded relentlessly with rain, thunder, lightening and in some cases some tornadoes. Not as bad as some neighboring states like our friends in Cardinals country or even worse Japan. Still it brings to my mind a thought. Part of life is weathering storms from rain showers to God’s vengeance. Some us do this rather well and others fail miserably to the point it utterly becomes tragic. Most of us though choose to stand back up. I know I got a little crazy last night in my entry, but that is essentially what I’m doing. Standing back up. Sure I’m talking about battling cancer and chemotherapy, but for so long I just kinda allowed myself to slide into something that was comfortable and comfort turned to sloth. No more. I can’t and I won’t allow. The idea of my life being cut short really scared the peepers out of me. I know this won’t happen over night. Its going to take work. So not neglecting chores around the house (I am after all the MAN of the house. lol), making sure I eat right and exercise on a regular basis (with an emphasis on health not necessarily weight loss, although the weight will come off), and just being really the best version of myself that I can become. So in the past few days I’ve hit the chores and the gym and today began work on Mass Effect which I’ve been neglecting for over a year now. Hey just because I’m getting it together doesn’t mean I’m giving up the video games. If anything I’ll be playing a little more. I have this terrible habit of buying games and then never playing them. I often do not complete many games either. So Mass Effect is first on the list. So my friends I say to you when a storm comes your way and the rain and wind batter your face and you think you can’t take it anymore call on me and I’ll help you through it and if I can’t then I invite you to call upon God. I’m fairly sure he’s gotten me through some hurricanes.

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.

Ephesians 6:10-11