I just found and read a good part of my old LiveJournal which I started in 2004 after ujournal took a dump on everyone. I have no idea what year it is or who I am. WHERE DOES THE TIME GO? I was talking about my 22nd birthday in one entry and I’m about to turn 29! I wonder if 22 year old me would have ever guessed cancer would come his way and if he did I knew what he would say. I’ll just kick its ass and chew some gum….wait I’m out of gum. I truly feel like and old man reading those old journal entries. Almost 30, married, a mortgage I mean for the love of Sonic the Hedgehog. Here is some random young guy Brandt epicness from years past.

1 :: You’re like a paladin of modern times. You slay the undead, help the needy, and use chivalry to get all the chicks. Woot.-Chase

July 2002.
EB games.

“Hey do you have Warcraft 3?” Customer
“Yes, it came out for the pc last night!” Me
“No, I want it on the playsation.” Customer
“It isn’t on the playstation and never will be, however Warcraft 1 is on the playstation.” Me
“Your a liar, my friend was playing it a couple weeks ago.” Customer

November 2004
Circuit City

“Hey do you have Halo 2?” Customer
“Yes here it is.” Me
“No I want it on Playstation 2.” Customer
“Its only available on xbox.” Me
“When will it come out on playstation 2?” Customer
“Never.” Me

OK Guys i know that occasionally aiming can be a difficult thing. Especially if you are drunk or high or perhaps incapacitated in any way. However, pissing all over the floor, the walls, and the toilet is just not acceptable. So if you are reading this and happened to commit such a crime at Golds Gym , I want to hurt you. Not only for being rude, inconsiderate, but for just being a flat out disgrace to the male gender. That is all.

Exhausted, beaten, broken, and sunburned. But happy.

What makes up of a Brandt? Does anyone really know? Let me enlighten you. Brandt is the changing of the guard. Old school values with new school flare. I’m that edge of reason, last bit of sanity, bit of hope, holding on to life, last ditch effort.

Sorry to have voiced my opinion to you self absorbed elitist. I know I’m a simple 22 year old from Ohio. I’m a janitor in a gym. Not glamorous. I’m the guy who takes out your trash, cleans your houses, and wipes up your crap. But If i didn’t that would mean you would and I would hate to inconvenience you with work.

Why Baseball Gods? Why? Why have you turned against your first born son, the Cincinnati Reds? Do other teams offer better tailgate parties? Does the Beer displease you? Please bring favor upon the Reds once more and return to baseball goodness upon the Reds and Cincinnati.


go reds….


That guy was way fing cooler than I am now and he would write about it. So maybe it was fate I would find it today as I started getting back into my samurai frame of mind and ate right, did chores, was productive. Trying to work on instilling some discipline in myself (which I wrote about nearly 4 years ago) my life is a broken record of failings and defeats at the hands of my worst enemy….me. Okay its not really that bad I mean I have a pretty sweet life, but when it comes to me personally damn I have dropped the ball for nearly ten years with interludes of getting it done and done right. NO MORE I SAY! I was originally planning a much different journal entry tonight, but not anymore were talking about epic comebacks people. Bigger than when the Red Soxs told the Yankees to suck a big one after winning four straight in the ALDS. So what I’m saying is will you join me in this fight my friends? Lend me your strength? I can do this. I must do this. I have to see now and forever more just exactly what I’m capable of!

Lets do it-Bman