I can’t believe its been almost a month since my last update! Time is just flying by which is a good thing, because I’m entering my final round of chemotherapy. Only 8 more treatments. I want to welcome all new readers who will be picking up my blog from eotwcomic.com. I haven’t mentioned this to the comic readers, but if you couldn’t tell already I have cancer. Now I don’t want to worry anyone, because the doctors say I’m going to make a full recovery. So look forward to more comics coming in the near future as Brian and I are gearing up for another run at eotw. Crazy and insane adventures to come.

In other news has anyone come up to you and said something so off the wall that it took you a moment to really comprehend what that person just said and when you finally did the only thing you could do would to be drop your jaw in astonishment? Yes? Good, because that is what happened to me today. I was at work talking to one of the new guys and I happened to mention what a terrible situation Japan finds itself in presently and you know what I got in response? And I quote, “Well they deserved it. You know they did it to themselves; had to be testing something. They’re technology is light years beyond ours.” Excuse me? What the hell? Are you kidding? But no he was being completely serious. Did I miss Godzilla coming out of the ocean with that tidal wave? I tried to explain to him the nature of earthquakes and tidal waves, but to no avail. What drives people to think in such a way? I’m sure the internets is behind it.
Well I have another of chemotherapy tomorrow so I better get my sleep. Stay safe everyone, especially our friends in Japan.