It has been far to long since my last update. For this I apologize. I have not been feeling so great. Chemotherapy hits hardest apparently a few days after the last treatment. Severe fatigue and what not. Really knocks the wind out of your sails. However that is really all I want to mention about my cancer for this entry and the reason is my Mom and I talked about the importance of not becoming a victim. Cancer isn’t a punishment (though sometimes I think it is) it can happen to anyone and I was feeling really bummed about it last week. Staying positive is key to the whole process. Life has to continue on as normal as you can make it. So I got back out there and started living as best as I can right now….which means writing in here.

Emily and I have been playing DC Universe online together, well not really together, more like we sit and watch each other play. When it comes to her playing more like me sitting there and complaining about how bad she is at it. I help her best I can and I’m glad she likes playing the game. Yet I have always had an intolerance for watching people play video games poorly even more so people who play games poorly on purpose. It is something I need to work on, because I honestly I suck at a lot of games. Many people enjoy games like Call of Duty and I’m terrible at them. I imagine they have the same disdain for me as I have for people who are terrible at say Castlevania. I guess I just grew up in a different era of gaming.
Did anyone get out and enjoy the weather today? It was fantastic. Emily kept the windows in the condo open today and it was so nice to get fresh cool air running through the condo.
A few nights ago I was at my parents house when I wasn’t feeling to good and had a chance to take a nap in my old room in my old bed. It was strange and yet comforting sleeping in there. In some ways it felt like I never left. Like I was still a kid or something. In others ways it felt foreign and alien to me. It was nice though to reflect on the fond memories I have of my parents house and my childhood, teen, early adult years there. I was truly blessed.