In it for the long haul here friends. Its already 2:30 and I’ve been here since 9:30. I’m hoping today I can be out of here before 6. It really has not been so bad so far. Everyone including the staff is friendly and we share stories and small conversations. The women next to me who I was talking to yesterday is having some real trouble today and I feel bad for her she has been so nice. There is another woman here who looks like complete death. Yet I can feel the fight in her. She’s not very old either. She has been asleep most of the day and her husband sits quietly by her side playing on his notebook. I had a more permanent IV put in today and thankfully is not on my hand which made typing such a pain yesterday. Emily and her dad brought me lunch today. We had Blue Ash Chili and you have not had Blue Ash Chili I highly recommend it. I really don’t mind sitting here, what I do mind is having to go to the bathroom every 15-20 minutes. I was I was exaggerating but i’m not. They have to keep my system flushed out or I could become toxic and that does not like fun at all.

Outside of the world of cancer I spent last night redoing my laptop. I backed it up and the installed a fresh copy of windows 7 on it and wow it runs like a dream again. Sure i’m running around looking for some obscure drivers and things, but whatever. I’ve also started watching FullMetal Alchemist on netflixs. So far its not bad, but I feel as if there might be to much going on plot wise so we’ll see how they wrap it up. I really appreciate seeing a show focus on the relationship between two brothers.
Good news The nurse just told me I have about an hour and a half left which means I should be done by 4 tonight. Tonight I will get my head shaved and have the opportunity to see Angela and Ethan. I haven’t seen Ethan in nearly two years.
Emily and I are getting a nice tax return this year and are planning on tacking a small honeymoon with the money down to Florida when I’m a cancer survivor. Hopefully sometime in late April or early May. We want to go back to Universal Studios and check out the Harry Potter attraction.
Okay friends be good to yourselves and each other. Peace-Brandt