Greetings from the Oncology care center. I am sitting here patiently waiting for 5:30 to roll around. I have been here since 9:30 this morning and been hooked up to an IV since 10 or so. Patience is about all I have at this point. Having cancer is a battle of willpower or at least that has been my take on it. Granted I am not suffering from a life threatening form of cancer (although 30 years ago the odds of survival were much less) I am going through a lot of the same forms of treatments as other with more intense battles. Today I spent in the company of those who, at least in my opinion, have it far worse than me and all of them were so nice. I mulled over the story of bad dye job which turned my hair neon pink with a women who was wearing a pink wig. She told me that the week before the wig was blown off the top of her head and she made her sister chase it through a parking lot. Just little stories like that that put a laugh in your belly or a smile on your lips can go a long way. More importantly it makes a long day go by that much faster. Well my IV just fell out so I’m going to cut this short in hopes of getting out of here soon. Be good everyone. Peace-Brandt