…in DC Universe online anyway. For anyone who knows me knows I’m a bit of a gamer and that online rpgs really are not my thing. Sure I dabbled in World of Warcraft, maybe even loved it, but eventually quit it. I do see such a future for me and DCU online. For anyone who likes DC Comics, video games, or both this is a game you need to be playing like yesterday. Is the game perfect? No, but its a lot of fun. Even my wife is playing in it and that really speaks miles for the game if Emily is going to play it.

In other less fun and exciting news I will be starting chemotherapy as earlier as next week. I’m trying to stay positive and light hearted. I often make jokes concerning my lack of two….balls. Still part of me is nervous and scared. Despite these feelings I have at times I’m certain my struggle with cancer will end in its defeat. Just got to stay positive.
Well friends I planned on writing more, but I am sleepy! Good Night!