I apologize that I have failed to update in a few weeks, but life has been crazy. As you all know I have nearly completed my degree and as that deadline draws closer my life seems to become more and more crazy. On top of this I have no felt quiet well in sometime. While I no longer really feel “bad” I certainly do not feel “right”. I have been having some blood pressure problems (no worries with the ticker though, its been throughly checked and its in great shape.) I also have some pinched nerves in my neck which are healing up. Still at times my entire body just seems to be in an agitated state with some strange headaches, agitation in my chest, I just feel like my body is pulsating really fast. I’m not sure what the cause of it could be though with having been looked over by different doctors and having an MRI done and nothing found to be wrong with me I think for now I’ll call it stress and hopefully when school is finally over it will begin to subside (just in time to really throw my attention onto the wedding plans). In the meantime I will just be sure to take my medicine and try to get past it all.
In other news…Final Fantasy 13 comes out on Tuesday. So if you don’t hear from in the next few months…no worries I’ll be glued to Final Fantasy 13. Just kidding I’ll keep updates coming.