Aeris Gainsborough the tragic heroine of Final Fantasy 7.  For anyone who stood inside the Final Fantasy 7 universe came to love this young lady and the eventual sacrifice she made.   It was an incredible tale with equally incredible music.  I will always remember being huddled around the TV my freshman year of high school watching as her life came to an end and subsequently throwing my playstation controller across the room (I had just spent several hours leveling her up after all).  At the time I never considered the parallel of her story as it might play out in my life.  While no one died in this tale; the story itself was no less dramatic and heart wrenching.  In my story it was not a life that ended but more or less a friendship that had fizzled out.  Time and life carried us in different directions.  The choices we made had far reaching consequences.  While it was fun to ponder the many what ifs, the truth of the matter was that we had to move on and take different roads.  Sure we weren’t forgotten just simply left to dusty old memories shoved away in the corners of our hearts of better times, simpler times, before life set into motion the events that would change things forever.

 I can’t tell you how important it is to sink time and love into all your relationships.  To work at them the best you can.  To love those who don’t seem to be loving you back.  To basically give all that you have and even when it comes time to part ways you know that you did all that you could.  Have no regrets.

Last night I got a phone call from an old friend.  From a person who I put a lot of time in with.  We went through some rough times together.  After talking for over two hours we came to the conclusion that while our friendship was certainly strained and damaged; it was also something worth having and worth saving.

Not long after our conversation had ended I turned on Pandora radio and immediately Aeris’s theme began playing.  It was then that I realized that  this person was my Aeris.  A person who was in my life really for just a brief moment, but who had a profound influence and was suddenly gone.  I realized that even as we forgive others we have to forgive ourselves.
My Aeris had returned.